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MacWay, The EvangeList

When Guy Kawasaki became an Apple Fellow, he set out to build the worldwide group of Macintosh users into a community to defeat the hegemony of Microsoft/Intel. To the surprise of many in the computer industry, he succeeded, and this large moderated list has become the quickest way of getting obscure Mac questions answered. While some of Kawasaki's guerrilla tactics (like siccing his entire mailing list on web-based surveys) may not appeal to everyone, The EvangeList really has tied Mac users together into a viable community. It's not a technical support list, but if you want to do something on a Mac, someone in this group can tell you how. There are list gatherings at Mac trade shows several times a year. - D.L.

subject matter: computers

regional affiliation: global

format: mailing list

language: English

cost: no cost

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