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LearningOrg -- Dialog on Learning Organizations
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Learning organizations are defined as "one in which people at all levels, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about." This list attracts professionals, academics and writers in the area of human resources, organizational theory and learning. The list is quite active and posts tend to be longer and meatier than average on the net. Topics include knowledge sharing, organizational learning, corporate life, TQM (Total Quality Management), performance measures and training. Many of the participants seem to regard their work as personally fulfilling -- there is a real sense of "mission" here, although there are many frustrations. Participants, who come from many countries, are as likely to quote Thomas Jefferson or Plato as they are to cite experts in their fields. The mailing list is archived at the LearningOrg web site so that non-participants can read without subscribing. One nice touch is a participants' self-introduction page which is quite helpful to newcomers. - E.L.

subject matter: education

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