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ISCABBS (Iowa Student Computing Association)


Imagine the entrance hallway of a massive first-year college dorm at a large university. ISCABBS is the online equivalent. The largest free BBS on the Internet, ISCABBS allows over 1,000 simultaneous logins, with 50,000 active users (and 400,000 logins) from 70 countries. The massive array of discussion fora (over 180) allow users to discuss anything imaginable, from sports to medicine, from sex to religion, and in numerous languages. Real-time express messaging allows ISCAns to chat, flirt, flame or fall in love with each other. Most ISCAns fall between the ages of 17 and 21, and though many leave ISCA when they graduate, some users stay on for years, moderating fora, becoming well-known community personalities, and perpetuating the growth of the seven year-old BBS. - M.W.S.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: Iowa City, Iowa global

format: conferencing chat

language: English multilingual

cost: no cost

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