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If mom never gave you "the talk" (you know, the sex talk), if you need a little refresher course, or if you're just a perv who likes to read about sex, then check out Ask Isadora, the web site of Isadora Alman, syndicated sexologist columnist. All aspects of the birds and the bees are addressed here, from archived Alman articles to a library of Internet resources. But it is the cross-pollination that sets this web site apart. The pick-up scene is hopping with personal ads and their responses. The most intriguing aspect is the Ongoing Dialogue page. You can pose sexuality base questions in order to receive laypeople's advice, or you can play Isadora for a day and put in your own two cents. Of course, at times like this its good to remember not to believe everything that you read. - D.L.J.

subject matter: sexuality

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