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If you're planning on getting married, there's a good chance that your relatives are circling you like a pack of wolves telling you all of the things that you simply must do. If you're the groom, I guess you'll just have to suck it up, but if you're the bride, check out iBride. This is where brides-to-be congregate to swap band tips (so you're not stuck with cousin Louie's lounge act) and ideas for tasteful bridesmaids' dresses (to avoid a mutinous bridal party). iBride has discussions groups of stress, etiquette, honeymoons and finances, among other things. Other groups are divided either by region or by wedding date. The main point of this board is to let the bride know that she's not alone out there in the world of caterers and banquet halls. It just might keep this happy day in her life from turning into her own personal hell. -D.L.J.

Subject: weddings

Geography: global

Format: conferencing system

Language: English

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