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What I found most fascinating about AOL's Hindu community is the number of non-Hindu participants. Religious bulletin boards often have a fair number of non-believers (or perhaps I should say differently believing) who come in to argue, but these boards seem to attract a different type. Most are dropping in to learn more about Hinduism, some to compare spiritual notes. They could choose far worse places to learn. Hindu participants are, as a rule, very well versed in both the spirit and the letter of their religion. The group is not merely tolerant of differing viewpoints but accepting of diversity--at least to the point where they uphold the principle that diversity is merely illusory anyway. Casual reading of the board is likely to give one's head a spin, especially to those new to the basic concepts of Hinduism. But it can be a very pleasant sort of dizziness--the kind that comes from suddenly seeing old scenery from a new perspective. Topics covered include the whole range of religious and cultural issues, from the basis of the concept of the "sacred cow" and the reasons some Indian women have a dot on their foreheads to concerns of Hindu families in America, questions about Yoga, and discussions of Hindu scripture. - E.L.

subject matter: spirituality

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