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dial up: 313-761-5041 or 313-761-3000. Set your terminal to 7 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit (7-E-1)

Grex was founded in 1991 as a way of improving public access to computing and information in Michigan. It is a conferencing system run cooperatively by its members. The membership includes a wide variety of people, and the discussion, a wide variety of topics. Grex is small enough that one could conceivably read the bulk of the conferences daily and be familiar with all the regular posters. Conferences include agora, the main meeting place, books, sexuality, cooking, ing (which is about doING interestING thINGs), and many others. There is also a group chat room, party, which tends to get quite a few folks in it, especially in the evening. The majority of Grex users are from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, but the Internet connection has brought in users from worldwide. There are also many face to face meetings of Grex members in the Ann Arbor area. - D.L.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: Ann Arbor, Michigan global

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: Free to be a user; Membership is $6 per month - this allows you to vote and run for office.

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