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Geekcereal is a real-life soap opera starring seven geeks who all work or have worked in the Web industry in San Francisco. Check in every day for a new "bowl of cereal" - a new whine from one of the seven "flakes," or go through the Calendar to look at entries dating back to March 1996. You can enter Backtalk to talk to each of the geeks, tell them that you hate them or have a raging crush on them, or yell at the rest of the teeming millions all checking in with their thoughts on a wide range of subjects. A high percentage of the people posting here already know each other from Cyborganic or the sp ace bar, so there's a ready-made sense of community going on in the posts. Check out the thread on taxidermy, discuss Scooter's buttocks, talk about love, or meet A Man Called Pants. - T.N.

subject matter: the net pop culture

regional affiliation: San Francisco global

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: no cost

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