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telnet: 8888

In FurryMUCK, everyone knows you're a dog. Or maybe a two-legged feline, with baggy jeans and a motorcycle jacket. FurryMUCK is the best-known and largest of the "furry" MUDs, MOOs, MUCKs, and MUSHes: virtual environments where humanoid animals romp, frolic, and otherwise just, well, monkey around. The role-playing is mostly social and free-form, with some people just chatting and others acting out their animal instincts. FurryMUCK typically has upwards of 150 people connected at a time, so there are always new furries to meet and trees to climb. Rowwwr! "The first 99 & 44/100% anthropomorphic/Furry TinyMu*." - T.H.

subject matter: role-playing, animals

regional affiliation: global

format: text-based multi-user environment

language: English

cost: no cost

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