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FEMCATH is a haven for women with a Catholic background ("Catholic" is extended here to mean liturgically-based religions like Episcopalianism; women of all faiths are welcome). The list began in 1996 after the "Call To Action" conference in Detroit, which gathered many representatives of groups working for progressive changes and reform in the Catholic church. Whether directly connected with the Church or not, feminist Catholics are welcome to gather and share common interests. Posts are bursting with faith in God, love for Catholicism -- and frustration with current Church policy regarding women in ministry, married clergy, the autocratic way many parishes are run, and other issues. Among topics for discussion are feminist theology, liturgical and para-liturgical ceremonies, anger and faith, images of God, inclusive language, and why participants feel it's important not to leave the Church but to stay and challenge it. Episcopalian women priests have shared words of encouragement and hope with Roman Catholic women who feel their call to priesthood thwarted by current Church policy. More than anything, this is a group of women who genuinely like each other and are pleased to share their spiritual lives among kindred spirits. - E.L.

subject matter: gender-specific community, spirituality

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