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Remember when David Hasselhoff *wasn't* the most watched star TV star in the world - he was just Michael Knight with his snarky side-kick car Kitt? Or when Wham! reigned supreme (George Michael was so cuuuuute!)? is a frenzied validation of "Oh my god! The '80s happened to you too?" Old slang such as "wicked," "psych," and "illin'" are dredged out of the collective memory of the people who were subjected to John Hughes' Brat Pack movies and Glam Rock. If feathered hair and Daisy Duke shorts are too painful of a memory, beware: do not enter this newsgroup. Included is a 80s trivia quiz consisting of such questions as: who shot J.R.? What kind of sword did Thundar the Barbarian have? Surprisingly, Ronald Reagan and reference to his political reign make nary an appearance. Perhaps that memory has been repressed or it may just be that these Genxers would rather discuss the merits of FrankenBerry cereal, parachute pants and Wendy's "Where's the beef?" slogan. - D.L.J.

subject matter: popular culture

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

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