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Echo is a text-based system in New York City. Its conferences span a wide range of interest, from food to urban angst, from pets to religion, from books to banter. Echo attracts 3,000 participants inside and outside of Gotham. Off-line cultural and weekly social events are a part of the Echo community, as is a close-knit web of Echo friends, romantic partners and coworkers. Echo is a great resource for connections in New York as well as focused, high quality conversation. Echo also sponsors frequent chats with such artists and literary figures as Robert Haas, United States Poet Laureate and, most recently, humor writer Cynthia Heimel. Echo is a great place to find out the best places to eat, drink, and see and do art. Join its weekly softball game, vent about the angst in your life, attend literary readings, and, oh yeah, hang out online with a fun crowd. - J.S.D.

subject matter: general conversation, New York City, regional affiliation

regional affiliation: New York City, global

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: First 30 hours free. $19.95 for 30 hours of usage per month thereafter. SLIP/PPP accounts (Internet access) require a $25.00 set-up fee. For $25.00 per month, Echo provides 2 MB space for your WWW pages and 150 hours on Echo each month.

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