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Drizzle is a new conferencing system located in Seattle. Centered on the Pacific Northwest, Drizzle includes other conferences of global interest, including Families, Domicile, Eating and Vanity. All conferences are hosted by "volunteer members who would not hesitate to lay down their lives for the sake of a good conversation" - Drizzle is poised to be rich conferencing environment. Drizzle's intimate size makes it possible for those of us who prefer to be able to keep up with conversations to do so. And if you're looking for a virtual community in which you can be an early, leading citizen, Drizzle is your place. It's web page provides thorough general information, pricing, policies, and excerpts from conversations. - J..S.D.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: Northwest, USA, global

format: conferencing

language: English

cost: $10.00 per month

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