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Dead Runners Society Mailing List
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A dizzyingly active mailing list with over 2,100 subscribers, the Dead Runners Society brings together runners from across the globe to share stories of their passion for putting one foot in front of the other mile after mile after mile. The camaraderie of the Dead Runners is extraordinary; it's a place for runners to connect, find each other while traveling, get advice on shoes, races and training. Dead Runners share equal addictions: running and e-mail, the link to their virtual locker room. If you run, and love to talk about it, here is where to go to. Describe your obsession to your heart's content those who want to know, and congratulate and commiserate with fellow runners. - J.S.D.

subject matter: sports, health

regional affiliation: global

format: mailing list

language: English

cost: no cost

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