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Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Hip hop is a culture that transcends music, politics and geography. Its music has roots in Jamaica; its dance has Brazilian influences and its art hails from American inner-city neighborhoods. Davey D's Hip Hop corner is a slice of the web complete with message boards, essays on the history of Hip Hop and Trivia contests. Davey D has installed halls of fame and shame for the masters and losers of Hip Hop knowledge. Articles for newcomers' edification include a run-down of the Hip Hop civil war of West versus East, Blaxploitation and Hip Hop around the world. On he interactive side, message boards include sections for a question of the week, hip hop centered conversation, a freestyle board, and boards for politics and movies. Regular posters love and think deeply about all aspects of hip hop culture, so if you're not hip hop literate, take time to get a feel for the community before diving on in. - D.L.J.

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