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The Cyborganic web site leads to further information about its other telecommunications options.

Cyborganic is a community bonded by real-life gatherings, friendships, and computer communication. Physically located in San Francisco, Cyborganic has members across the globe. Weekly Thursday Night Dinners bring Cyborganites together. In between, the space bar, a real-time on-line chat area and Cyborganic-related mailing lists keep people connected. While space bar and the various mailing lists are nothing like a TND or any other Cyborganic event, they're enough to keep you on your toes with fiery, no-hold-barred conversation, arguments, conflicts, moments of epiphany, and, from time to time, discussions about the recent election, kitties needing homes, computer-related technical questions, and other exigencies of daily life. All of this indicates a community that cares deeply about itself, and individuals who feel incredibly strongly (sometimes love, sometimes hate) about each other. - J.S.D.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: San Francisco, North America

format: chat, mailing list

language: English

cost: $20.00 initial fee, $10.00 monthly thereafter. Additional costs for extra space and large amounts of traffic, vanity domain establishment and business participation.

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