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Cybermind participants discuss the psychology and philosophical implications of the net experience. This is a well-established, high traffic list whose participants attempt to ask hard questions about cyberlife. One recent thread asked if the Holocaust could have taken place if the Internet had been available. Other topics include using the net to address social problems, political activism online, GUI (graphical user interface) vs. CLI (command line interface) and how they affects the cyberspace experience, reminiscences of being online for the first time and early email exploits, gender-bending, cyber-romances, and many others. There are also announcements for papers, conferences and gatherings about cyberculture. This is not a place where experts pontificate but where everyday netizens discuss what makes them tick. How many places can you discuss the phenomenology of the terminal screen or the psychoanalysis of lurking? At times some discussions can get pretentious and contrived, conveying the feeling you are being baited into a reaction, but mostly this is an earnest attempt by participants to understand themselves and the online world around them.-E.L.

subject matter: digital culture

regional affiliation: global

format: mailing list

language: English

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