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CyberCat, like the usenet group rec.pets.cats, is populated by cat-lovers, cat-owners, and those who are owned by their cats. The list can certainly be a useful and fun resource for cat owners looking for health information, problem solving, or sympathy. The list is also a bit more manageable than rec.pets.cats, in that it has a digest form and receives fewer messages per day. However, it is still quite a high-volume mailing list, and unfortunately a large number of it's posts are "Chatter"-- posts which are allegedly made by cats. I tried to get my cat interested in posting to CyberCat, but she just hid under the bed, so I'm somewhat skeptical. Nonetheless, if you can handle the unsophisticated cats who post in babytalk, this list may provide a supportive atmosphere for feline-lovers everywhere. - D.L.

subject matter: animals

regional affiliation: global

format: mailing list

language: English, meowish

cost: no cost

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