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Crypt MUX
telnet: 7171

The Crypt is a role playing MUSH set in the Dark Ages. And very dark ages they are. The setting is the sleepy medieval town of Vartania, an valley bordered by forests and mountains and isolated by mist. Beneath Vartania's calm exterior, night beasts, evil mists, and wizards roam. Rat plagues afflict the town from time to time. Crypt MUX is well-established with a highly developed gaming and narrative structure and lots of quality role-playing. Power struggles within the various factions in town add to Crypt MUX's depth. Wander Vartania to find fame and fortune, but don't go too far, lest you enter the evil mists and wander, lost, forever. - T.H.

subject matter: role playing

regional affiliation: global

format: text-based multi-user environment

language: English

cost: no cost

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