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It's best to have a VRML plug-in for your browser.

This web site is home to those looking to create art in the new world of the web. The site includes Stratus, a VRML (virtual reality modeling language) art gallery where you can mount your own show. Construct is also home to a Motet conferencing system for discussing the issues surrounding art and new media, cyberspace, and life itself. This site features a great interface, a high level of discussion and an easygoing atmosphere. Conferences include Design which deals with designing for the web, Centrifuge, a philosophical discussion of technology and the future, and Sohbet, mystical conversation for dealing with "this increasingly crazed world of ours." - D.L.

subject matter: the net, general discussion

regional affiliation: global, San Francisco

format: conferencing (web-based conferencing using Motet)

language: English

cost: no cost

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