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c|net is a HUGE site with everything from shareware to news reports, a sort of one-stop Walmart of Web Stuff. But scroll down the yellow margin on the left side until you come to Posting to find the c|net community. Once you've registered, you can go in and post on a myriad of topics. (Note: it's probably best to stick to the Outline format as opposed to the Table format, since the Tables tend to crash a lot of people's browsers unless set up exactly right.) Check out the thread started by Marybeth Williams on what everyone has on their Hot List for ideas on which topics are the regulars' favorites. You'll find all kinds of discussions on technical issues, but there's also fun stuff like a listing of quite a few of the online dating services and various people's accounts of their happy or horrific experiences with trying to score a honey on the Net. - T.N.

subject matter: general discussion the net

regional affiliation: global

format: conferencing

language: English

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