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Chi-Improv is about what's happening in Chicago's thriving improv jazz scene. The list provides a forum for discussing the happening improvised music scene in Chicago, especially (but not limited to) the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians and the NRG Ensemble "extended family." This also includes the many improvising musicians who worked in Chicago long enough to be associated with the city, even if they no longer live there. Members post improv performance schedules and talk about live performances but the list also covers newspaper and magazine articles about local improv and jazz, radio stations with a jazz format and the history of jazz in Chicago. Professional and amateur improv musicians also trade tips and talk about their latest compositions, some of which are posted in sound files on member's web sites. If musicians are coming to town from other cities, it gives a chance for members to meet and jam together. There is also talk about important jazz artists and events outside the Chicago area. Several participants share experiences of going to Chicago jazz shows in years past and talk about how things have changed. This is a low traffic list which makes it quite manageable. There are occasional announcements of other improv mailing lists that concentrate on areas like Michigan and Philadelphia-Baltimore. -E.L.

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