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newsgroup: rec.pets.cats

Anthropomorphism is cute, but some of the denizens of rec.pets.cats take it a little too far sometimes. Its seems that cats can be "channeled" through their owners and participate in the conversation. The remarkable thing about all of this, is that all the felines end up sounding an awful lot like Elmer Fudd. Anecdotal information abounds in rec.pets.cats, comparing stories of bad kitty breath, adult suckling, depression and scatological errors. The wonder that participants feel for their felines rivals that of new parents doting on their newborns. The lengths to which cat owners will go to please their furry little beasts run from hanging Christmas trees from the ceiling (so the tree will stay upright if Ms. Kitty tries to climb it) to dumping misofelinist boyfriends (Boyfriend hates your cat? "Get your boyfriend neutered.") Once you start reading through this huge newsgroup, you start to realize exactly how labor intensive is the act of loving a cat. - D.L.J.

subject matter: animals

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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