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Cancer Forum
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It would be too much to say that this community sprawls, but it is spread among a number of areas brought together under the umbrella of AOL's Cancer Forum. The principal parts are subforums run by the American Cancer Society and the Personal Empowerment Network. While both sponsors add much worthwhile material, it's the people who make up the principally bulletin-board based community that make this site such a powerful resource. Participants include those fighting cancer, those who've triumphed over it, those who treat it and those who are supporting loved ones. It's an emotionally charged area with it's fair share of emotional core dumps, rages and tears, but also hope, cheers, laughter and victories. If the area had a motto it would probably be "know your enemy." Participants are quick to share information and uphold that, in the fight against cancer, knowledge is strength. - E.L.

subject matter: health

regional affiliation: North America, Europe

format: conferencing, chat

language: English


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