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Cacophony Society

Seattle Cacophony Society
San Francisco Cacophony Society
Los Angeles Cacophony Society
Portland, Oregon Cacophony Society
newsgroup: alt.culture.cacophony

The Cacophony Society, with branches in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles, is a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society. Or so they say. They are, in reality, a loosely-knit gang of nutballs who are devoted to having fun at the expense of conformity. They do things like march in the annual St. Stupid's Day parade through the Financial District in San Francisco, or gather en masse dressed in identical Santa suits and run rampant through shopping crowds in San Francisco, hanging a Santa in effigy from a light pole and flashing the public before settling down for a nice night of getting arrested outside the Tonga Room. Check out the Seattle based e-zine Machination. Or see if you can stir up some trouble on the San Francisco BBS thread provided by Yahoo - yell loud, as it appears that the last time the BBS thread was active was for the election night broadcasts back in November. Although The Cacophony Society meets face to face in order to perform most of their "street art," their members in the various cities do meet up through email and work together to plan their next participatory "event." And the word is spreading, with rumors of a new branch of the society starting up in New York City. Go look. You may already be a member. - T.N.

subject matter: recreation

regional affiliation: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon

format: (format? what format? this is about anarchy!)
newsgroup, WWW pages

language: English

cost: no cost (though donations to the various Cacophony societies are gladly accepted)

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