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Internationale Stadt Bremen

Although the city of Bremen evokes rustic images of the fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians", the Internationale Stadt Bremen (International City Bremen) is the sleek home to a number of Bremen-area organizations and residents. Follow the calendar of events to happenings both real and virtual, get the skinny on Bremen's club scene in Clubnetz, socialize with other Bremen residents (or locate a specific Internationale Stadt resident) or visit the Markt to buy or sell goods. Bremen, Berlin, Cologne and Madrid together form the International City Federation (, a group of communities based on virtual renditions of the host cities. - M.W.S.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: Europe, Bremen, Germany

format: conferencing

language: German

cost: Free to surf, free to become resident with own PPP/ISDN connection, 57.50DM a month for dialup service

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