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Internationale Stadt Berlin

What does Berlin look like in cyberspace? The builders of Internationale Stadt Berlin (International City Berlin) know that Berlin is always on the bleeding edge, and Berlin's virtual version is no exception. Residents of the Internationale Stadt make their homes in orbs, where they can work on projects privately, share results with members of IS-Berlin, and then show the rest of the world what they've created. Residents' homes often group by cultural interest areas, with smaller communities created around art, media and music (check out Mego, the New Music Environment, with a bustling community visitors navigate using a subway map). Of course, no virtual city is complete without a means to interact. Registered users (IS-Berlin residents) can conference in threaded discussion groups in the cultural areas, or hang out in the arena, chatting with late night Berliners in Clubnetz, or looking for a date in Interactive Socializing. - M.W.S.

subject matter: general conversation

regional affiliation: Europe, Berlin

format: conferencing

language: German, some English

cost: Free to visit, free to become a resident with own dialup, 29DM a month for PPP or ISDN dialup access.

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