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newsgroup: alt.baldspot

You got that Kojak look going on? Join your brethern (and some sistern) at alt.baldspot. Compare and contrast the trials and tribulations of various drugs and plugs. Testify to avoiding the scourge of the greys. Commiserate with others bemoaning the fate of going bald. Crow when your transplants are working. Castration? Not so viable for hair loss reversal, but possibly a preventative treatment. May not be for everyone. Learn that some people have the hots for naked-pate women. Others think that "a woman without hair is like a dog without a bone." Register your vote on this matter. Final word the balding-with-ponytail look is out; Sigourney Weaver's look (a la Aliens 3) is a must 'do. Alt.baldspot has excellent information and first hand reports on hairloss treatments. - D.L.J.

subject matter: health

regional affiliation: global

format: newgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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