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The Aviation Forum
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This area is well populated by a wide variety of those who think that living with a head in the clouds is good and keeping both feet firmly on the ground leaves much to be desired. Airplane pilots, balloonists, radio control airplane aficionados, flight mechanics, parachutists, and all types who enjoy life in the air hang out here to talk shop and trade information. Members of this group have strong likes and dislikes and has no hesitation about voicing either. But while there are occasional disagreements the sense of camaraderie is clear. The chat area hosts frequent themed conversations but pick-up free-form chats are easy to find. The bulletin boards house a rich diversity of airborne topics dealing with commercial, military, general and model aviation, including such things as equipment, flying experiences, favorite, least favorite airfields and much more. - E.L.

subject matter: transportation, recreation

regional affiliation: North America, Europe

format: conferencing, chat

language: English

cost: 15 hours free, $9.95 per month (includes 5 free hours), $2.95 per hour after that. On December 1, 1996, AOL will be available for $19.95 per month for unlimited usage.

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