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Some love their work so much they want to share it. Others hate it so much they need to blow off steam about it. And still others find it profitable to trade ideas. The gruntled and disgruntled alike gather here to post in Bitch and Moan - the revenge on evil bosses fantasies make for riveting reading. Participants also talk about working at home and support each other through the trials of being out of work. The chat room has the flavor of after-work-everyone's-having-a-beer conversation, with topics drifting from work matters to other parts of life and back again. - E.L.

subject matter: work

regional affiliation: North America, Europe

format: conferencing, chat

language: English

cost: 15 hours free, $9.95 per month (includes 5 free hours), $2.95 per hour after that. On December 1, 1996, AOL will be available for $19.95 per month for unlimited usage.

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