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The Alzheimer list voluminously covers the details of the lives of the caretakers and loved one of Alzheimer Disease sufferers. The viability of recent research finding, such as the effect of lecithin on the memories of those with Alzheimers, is discussed both by medical professionals and people who are daily witnesses. The list ranges from the practical to the medical to the deeply emotional, and is warmly welcoming to new members. With nearly a thousand subscribers and a frequent submission, this is a list that is best read in its digested form. The Alzheimer's List home page tells how to obtain the list in digest form and features great search tools if you want to look at the list's archived posting for any information. The support, friendship and warmth in this virtual group is evident and, if your life is changed by Alzheimer's Disease in some way, this is a wonderful place to find solace and good advice. - J.S.D.

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