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Perhaps the ultimate geek TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000's fans are devoted to the point of dementia. If David Koresh's followers had been this faithful it would have been the FBI locked in a bunker, and the Koreshis on the outside, shouting demented bible prophecies and playing Koresh's really crappy rock songs...but even if you're not ready to give up a kidney for the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew, you're welcome at Basically a two-hour excuse to watch bad flicks and talk back to the screen, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is what you and your friends do already, only funnier and faster. Almost every joke and reference has been slavishly annotated in the group's FAQ, and all questions are answered quickly and usually with fiendish accuracy. You'll even find occasional dispatches from Bad Brains, the show's production company. Fans have even started their own mini-version of the show with a game in which a movie or TV show gets "MiSTED." That means you'll find the dialog from, say, a Star Trek episode, interspersed with a fan's take on how Mike and the bots would rip the show apart. Original fiction, art, software, more trivia than a room full of crack-smoking monkeys could type out in a lifetime and really awful jokes makes essential reading for those who've given up any pretense of being normal.-R.K.

subject matter: media, popular culture

regional affiliation: global

format: newgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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