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One of the early "notorious" newsgroups on the net, is one of the few places you can ask "How long can I leave the clothespins on my friend's nipples?" and get a straight answer. Because of the frank discussions about all matters of sexuality, bondage, S/M and fetishism, is always in the Top Ten List of every big dog who starts barking about how we need to censor/control/tell-the-net-to-shut-the-hell-up. is a haven and a hang-out for those whose tastes in erotica is a bit more...exotic than is often found in, say, the more generic group. Because of this, has a strong community feeling, with all the support, feuds, good advice and gossip you could want. This is also one of the few sites whose very existence is sometimes debated. Bondage and fetish sexuality is still loaded with guilt and fear for many people (even for those who practice it) and this comes up frequently. You'll find discussions as basic as "Is it all right to enjoy pain?," "Can you consent to being a submissive or a slave?," and "Are S/M relationships all co-dependent?" But you'll also find plenty of good information, humor, announcements of get-togethers and even original stories and personal ads. Like all the groups, is heavy on commercial spam these days, but its well worth packing a machete and hacking your way through to the good stuff. - R.K.

subject matter: sexuality

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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