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newsgroup: alt.pulp

Before there were comics, there were the pulps--cheap, quickie thrillers and fantasy books and magazines which sold for less than a dollar at your finer drugstores and bus stations. The pulps had everything: sex, spies, monsters, mysterious foreigners, secret societies, super powers, zombies, corruption and murder. Today's pulp fans obsess about all these with the hardcore fascination of any record or comics collector in alt.pulp. You can buy, sell, trade, ask questions or display your deepest fascinations in alt.pulp. Go ahead. No one cares. Zorro is big here. The Shadow. Doc Savage. Tarzan. And compared to a guy in a loin cloth who shares a tree condo with a valley girl and a Lancelot Link reject, your obsessions are probably pretty mild. Things rarely get heated in alt.pulp. An occasional argument breaks out over pulp minutiae, but that's about it. Spammers can expect to be mocked, however, because they deserve to be. If your tastes in fiction run to the baroque rather than the brutal, you just might find what your looking for in alt.pulp. But it also helps if you can say names like Spy Smasher and Bulletman without giggling.-R.K.

Subject: pop culture, literature

Geography: global

Format: newsgroup

Language: English

Cost: no cost

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