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Die-hard film junkies know that even the best video can't match the pristine look of 35mm film. The closest thing (short of buying your own movie theatre) is the laserdisc. The image and sound on these big silver platters (imagine a CD the size of a medium pizza) is clear, clean and thrilling. Truly obsessed fans collect the well-produced discs regardless of the movie--it's the presentation they're after. Other laserdisc junkies are fanatics for foreign versions of previously released films (for example, Japanese laserdiscs almost always have longer cuts of movies than US video releases). And with the coming of DVD (Digital Video Discs) that can hold an entire movie (with stereo sound) on a disc the size of a regular CD, some movie fans are in a panic, not knowing if they should jump on the teensy-disc bandwagon or stand by the old discs that already deliver a celluloid rabbit-punch. You'll find all these topics, and dozens more, in You'll also find people looking to buy and trade discs, argue over the best version of a movie ("Should I get the Japanese or the Voyager Criterion version?"). There's also plenty of advice on how to set up a home theater so that you get as close as possible to the sound and picture quality of a pure movie experience. If you're a movie fiend, is the place for you.-R.K.

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