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newsgroup: alt.cyberpunk

Alt.cyberpunk is just what you probably imagine it to be: loud, smart, opinionated to the point of dementia, abusive, adolescent and fast. There's a community here, but don't expect greetings and a warm cup of Joe. This is carnivorous anarchist country, a zone of gleeful Darwinians who will answer interesting and pointed questions, but flame to crispy blackness the callow, the snotty and the just plain stupid. Though women have made their presence felt, alt.cyberpunk remains a fairly testosterone-heavy environment. You'll find discussions (and flames) of recent cyberpunk books and movies as well as music, clothes, drugs, people, hackers and hacks and irresistible geek targets, such as Bill Gates. The whole idea of cyberpunk gets tossed, thrashed and trashed here, too. What does cyberpunk mean? Who really wants silicon in their head and when? If you could get it now, would you? While these questions are being debated in other, tonier newsgroups, alt.cyberpunk is the noise the rabble makes when trying to imagine its own future. It ain't pretty, but it's never boring. - R.K.

subject matter: the Net, popular culture

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

cost: no cost

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