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Take the cartoon band The Archies, give them cool guns, body armor and hot motorbikes, toss them into a Blade Runner cityscape, and what do you get? The Knight Sabers, a bunch of crime-fighting popsters from the Japanese animated video series, Bubblegum Crisis. Now toss in a world-wide network of Bubblegum Crisis fanatics and you've got There's plenty to be fanatical about. The four gal pals who form the Knight Sabers aren't just crime-fighting do-gooders. In their day jobs they're pop stars, aerobics instructors, cops and fashion designers. And they're not just super heroes and working girls, they're also a Bubblegum Crisis/Knight Sabers band. So not only do fans track down all the action series episodes, but they do recon looking for "concert" videos, posters and CDs related to the series. You don't need to be obsessed to be a Bubblegum Crisis, but it helps. Still, there are plenty of folks in this animation community who just want to watch the videos. People also announce get-togethers, swap trivia, argue about the best way to get offed in a Japanese cartoon and let each other know about places to find yet more Bubblegum Crisis collectibles. Tune up your Stratocaster, hop on your jetbike and check it out.-R.K.

subject matter: Japanese animation, music

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