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newsgroup: alt.alien.visitors

Years ago, I had dinner with friends at the Magic Castle in L.A. The Castle is a sort of social club for magicians. The entrance is a bookshelf that slides away from the wall. Magicians did sleight-of-hand at our table, making coins and cutlery disappear. The lesson of the evening was simple: things aren't always as they appear. That idea is also at the heart of alt.alien.visitors. Like X Files' Fox Mulder, most of this group's community are true believers, certain that the world is much, much weirder than the Powers That Be would have us think. Most of the basic disagreements you'll find in alt.alien.visitors (aside from mocking by the occasional rogue conspiracy debunker) revolves around the exact form and nature of the weirdness. While the group is a haven for those interested in the possibility/probability of alien contact, you'll find a vast range of personal obsessions spinning off from that basic assumption. Perhaps aliens don't thrill you, but abductions do. You can also gossip about Roswell, Area 51 and wonder aloud if Stealths and other advanced aircraft are using alien tech. Cattle mutilations, gene experiments, time travel and anti-gravity memes are all plentiful in alt.alien.visitors. Whether you're a believer or not, remember one thing: this is a group of smart, informed people. If you're going to jump into a debate, have your information straight. Otherwise, you'll be flamed and dismissed as the Dweeb In Black you probably are.-R.K.

subject matter: UFOs, conspiracies

regional affiliation: global

format: newsgroup

language: English

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