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The Afro-Techies list is for black women who are technically inclined, either professionally or by way of general interest. As self-described black women "geek" types who often feel invisible, gathering together offers a chance to talk with many similar participants. The list ends up being a place of general and professional support as well as technical help. Topics include the net and web, corporate software applications, hardware, operating systems, programming, job opportunities and more. Members include college professors, engineers, network administrators, system analysts, net researchers and programmers. One purpose of the list is to reach out to other black women to encourage their interest in technology, but the list is not for newbies - these are serious technoids who want their space to geek out. These women know their web sites, too - pointers to quality sites of interest abound.-E.L.

subject matter: computers, the net, gender-specific community, african-american issues

regional affiliation: global

format: mailing list

language: English

cost: no cost

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