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Grab a hammer and a saw. Barnraising pulls together the best tools and human effort on the Internet to help you locate the resources you need to find and create virtual community. Barnraising gathers lists, search tools, information about protocols for creating MUDs, starting mailing lists, establishing bulletin boards and other practical matters to help you build, your barn on the virtual farm.
Barnraising contains three parts:
How to Find . . .
presents online resources that will help you search for existing online communities.
How to Create . . .
If you don't find the sort of mailing list, newsgroup, or other sort of community that you are looking for, or if you want to put your own spin on an existing theme, you may want to start your own community. Learn how to build your own barn in this section.
All About . . .
If you just want to find out everything you can about mailing lists, newsgroups, or any other sort of community that you are looking for, then this is the section for you.
As you check out these resources, remember that it takes at least two things to create a community online. It takes architecture (an established mailing list, virtual rooms in a multi-user text or image-based environment, a functioning newsgroup) and it takes people (to talk, to connect, to create life, interaction and sustained conversation).

Barnraising is about how to create that first thing. Fundamentals, another section of the Virtual Community Center, describes and points to analyses of how to sustain community, how to create the second necessary thing. And the Virtual Community Directory presents an extensive range of thriving online places.

But a great deal of the wisdom of how to create ongoing virtual communities hasn't been written down. It exists in their day to day rhythms of life and in the minds, e-mail archives, and stories of the many people who have created great places. If you are one of those people or if you are inspired to comment on what you see here, please join the Barnraising conversation and share your thoughts.

The research for Barnraising was ably conducted by Michael Ekstract and Jill Davidson.


jlennon said:

Business organizations, generally speaking, are virtual communities, irregardless of the presence of computers. Not in the same way that Electric Minds is. people who work (live) in business organizations are socialized into a cultural "norm" (norm, that is, with respect to the particular company). There is also infrastructure and government. They are virtual because one doesn't actually live there. However, given the work atmosphere of many companies in this day of "reorganization" one could argue that the company is the real community and the place (home) where the individual resides is virtual.

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