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Wealth of Networks

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Apr 30

Platform Wars IV: Net Wars
Net Wars: How Microsoft won the battle for Web standards and what this means for the rest of the Internet.

Apr 16

Platform Wars III: Clone Wars
The early years of personal computers: Apple, IBM, and Microsoft battle for control of the desktop.

Mar 19

Excerpts from "Net Gain"
Excerpts from "Net Gain," by John Hagel III and Arthur G. Armstrong.

Mar 5

Platform Wars II:
The Great Game

Share dominance: the business battle for all the marbles.

Jan 22

Of Platform Wars, Monopoly, and Microsoft
Of platform wars, monopoly, and Microsoft: Tim Oren explores the race to determine the standards of the Internet.

Jan 8

A Friction-free Future? Transaction Costs and Internet Markets
Does money get slippery when it goes electronic? In the latest Wealth of Networks, Tim Oren takes a look at the illusion of "A Friction-Free Future" for network economics.

Dec 5

Electronic Commmerce + Virtual Community = Agora

Nov 11

Multimedia Publishing is a Crock

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