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Future Surf

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Apr 30

The Last Human Century
Jamais Cascio believes that in the near future, computer will exist that are "smarter" than humans. What happens then?

Mar 12

Head First into the Future
The future of chaos, warfare, urban living and more.

Feb 19

It's the Only Way to Live.
In Cars.

The future of the automobile and the road we drive it on.

Jan 8

Intense Pulses of Light
The latest edition of Jamais Cascio's Future Surf looks at security, warfare, turf battles, and social discord on the Net. Plus, neat magazines and a question about lasers!

Dec 5

Mars or Bust!

Nov 11

The Future Surprises Those Looking in the Wrong Direction
From Nanotech to MOD hackers -- Jamais Cascio's annotated links to the future.

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