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Mar 27

Sex, Death, and Crash
Crash is disturbing, strangely funny, and eye-opening.

Mar 13

The Technology of Surgery
Surgery is a shocking act of violation. And yet, somehow, we have come to grips with it.

Feb 20

Our New Cathedral
Let me tell you about the supreme creation of our era.

Feb 1

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Modern technology gives us access to a universe of music, but how many people do you know who can play the piano?

Jan 23

The Lie of Television
"Let me tell you about my extremely brief career in television."

Jan 10

Charles and Ray Eames
Never before or since have artists so wholeheartedly embraced industrial capitalism as the Eameses did.

Dec 4

The Culture of Petroleum
Here in California, we don't think about oil much unless we're forced to. And early in 1996, several things did.

Oct 17

What is Technology Criticism?
As the twentieth century shambles to its end, we seem to be spending its last days in an excited debate about technology.

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