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Meeting of the Minds Conversations

Electric Test
hosted by - electric minds staff
This is the place to practice using Engaged. Try out the tools for posting, scribbling, hiding.

hosted by - James Higa (higa), Jen Bekman (jenb), Howard Rheingold (howard)
Webster defines 'commons' as a piece of land subject to common use, a public open area. This is our bit of open cyberspace. Jump in and say hi.

Electric People
hosted by - Paul Belserene (paulbel)
Electric People is a freeflowing, banter-friendly area of eMinds, where the focus is on you, or rather, us.

Mind to Mind
hosted by - Howard Rheingold (howard)
This conference is devoted to dialogues with leading thinkers in technology companies. These technology companies also happen to be Electric Minds sponsors. We are not trying to disguise advertising as content. We are trying to create a kind of advertising that has real intellectual substance to it.

Altered Minds
hosted by - Gary Dauphin (gpd)
As the name implies, this is the place for odd moments and curiosities. Altered Minds is where the Electric Minds community can come together and discuss, debate and daydream about how the virtual world and its denizens have altered (or not altered) you, the using brain.

Media Shock
hosted by - Rebecca Eisenberg (mars), Steve Rhodes (ari)
Media Shock tours the craters of media- technology convergence, and looks at what happens when the worlds of technology and media collide.

hosted by - Jen Bekman (jenb), Christian Ruzich (ruz)
This is the place to come if you need help navigating the site, or if you have questions about the interface.

Virtual Community Center Conversations

hosted by - Jill Davidson (jilld), Howard Rheingold (howard)
The Communities conference is for discussion of Electric Minds' Virtual Community Directory, the Profiled Community, any other virtual communities, or anything (online community news, conferences/gatherings, trends, etc.) pertaining to virtual communities.

hosted by - Jill Davidson (jilld)
Barnraising is where we talk about what it takes technically to create community online. How does conferencing architecture affect conversation? What's the best chat program out there? What tools do you need to bring people together in cyberspace and how do you make it happen?

Being Here
hosted by - Daryl Lynn Johnson (doxy)
Being Here is a place to discuss the ins and outs of online life. Manners, norms, expectations, online war stories, advice for newcomers and for oldtimers.

hosted by - Elizabeth Lewis (lizabeth)
Fundamentals is a place to discuss the anthropology, sociology and psychology of cyberspace. What thinkers, theorists and writers have helped you understand the fundamentals of online life?

Online Lingo
hosted by - Jill Davidson (jilld)
Online Lingo is devoted to discussion of the particular language of cyberspace. Ask what something means or discuss the etymology and nuances of online vocabulary.

World Wide Jam Conversations

hosted by - Mark Petrakis (spoon)
It's the big world ball, the revolving non-stop curvy surface of our daily lives. 360 is the omnidirectional home for all topics that do not fit in any of the other conferences. Coming full circle, that's the theme, from wherever you are to the net and around and back again to you, 360 is the shape of our jam. It's a big theater in the round to which we come to strut and fret and jam on the shape of things to come.

hosted by - Mark Petrakis (spoon)
Flash, as a section of the content side of the Jam, will be the first doorway for new contributors; less geo-centric, less attached to particular regional agendas. Flash can hopefully move around quicker, take on new identities and issues a little faster than in some of the more culture-specific conferences. Flash is here to track responses to a wide range of inputs.

hosted by - Lionel Lumbroso (lionel),Annick Morel (annick)
This forum is focused on Paris and more generally on France. We'll be delighted to hear what you have to say about Paris, France, the French and will do our best to reply to your questions, remarks, even provocations in a candid and passionate way!

hosted by - The Gunafa Twins (stationrose)
This conference is for discussion of happenings in and around Frankfurt, Germany. And, this conference is not only for talking about what´s happening in Frankfurt, but in Germany & Austria, too.

hosted by - John Lebkowsky (jonl), Patrick Lopez (pdl)
This conference is for discussion of all things Austin. Austin, Texas that is.

hosted by - Davey Winder (waveydavey)
Wavey Davey Winder sez: "Think of me as Cyber Bloke, that odd chap with no hair from across the pond. I'll be your guide to the wonderful world of the Internet UK."

hosted by - James Higa (higa)
This conference is for discussion of all that is digital, mysterious,wonderful, and fascinating about Japan and things Japonesque.

San Francisco
hosted by - Mark Petrakis (spoon)
Sez the mighty (spoon):I'd like to make life in the city a definite feature of this conference: places to go, things to do, restaurants, recommendations, picks, pans, rants. But more than that, I'd like to talk about life in the now, both digital life and how it impacts the analog, and analog life and how it impacts your day.

New York
hosted by - Mark McClusky (markmcc), Jessica Safran (jas)
Not only will we talk about the physical city, and things to do or places to go in it, but we will also talk about the non-physical manifestations of New York, both on the Net and in the culture at large.

hosted by - Justin Maynard (ender), Jonathon Delacour (genji)
This conference is for discussion about digital/online life as seen from the perspective of those of us who live, work, and love in Australia.

hosted by - Justin Hall (justin)
Justin's head - what's in it, what's on it.

Edge Tech Conversations

Immersion Quest
hosted by - Linda Jacobson (lindaj)
This is the place to tell everyone about exciting events and occurrences relevant to virtual reality, "experiential computing," and immersive technologies and applications.

hosted by - Robert Rossney (rbr)
Technos is a conference about technology criticism. Not just a place to say what's good and what's bad, but a place "to keep our eyes open, think about what we've seen, and write about what we've thought."

VRML University
hosted by - Mark Pesce (mpesce)
VRML U is a place to "realize your own VRML visions," under the watchful eye of VRML creator, guide and teacher Mark Pesce.

Web Tech
hosted by - Laura Lemay (mtrbike)
Web Tech is about the Web and about Web technology. It's a place for tricks with the technology, pointing out neat new things going on around the Web, and exploring the latest tools for adding features to your own Web site.

Tech Scan
hosted by - Kermit Patton (kpatton)
TechScan is a place to take a look at the latest technology and tools in the broad context of how they fit into our world at large. Many technology discussions wind up focusing on the specifics of the technology itself--we want to see how the technology fits (or doesn't fit) into a larger domain that includes cultural, regulatory, and commercial concerns. "Now that it works, who will use it and how?" is the type of question we like around here.

Tomorrow Conversations

hosted by - David Bennahum (davidsol)
InterMinds is the place to discuss issues related to the InterMinds interviews conducted by host David Bennahum.

Future Surf
hosted by - Jamais Cascio (jamais)
The Future Surf column is an annotated hotlist; the Future Surf conference is where we really get to the meat of the matter. What does this all mean? Why do we think about The Future, and what can we see on the horizon. Speculation scores big here.

A Wealth of Networks
hosted by - Tim Oren (toren)
The Wealth of Networks conference is about the interplay between human social patterns, particularly economics, and the 'Web speed' changes being driven by Internet deployment. This is an attempt to think 3-5 years out, rather than predict next month's hot topic.

hosted by - Howard Rheingold (howard)
This conference is for discussion of Howard Rheingold's Tomorrow columns and related subjects.

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