trina chow

assistant saviour

In the beginning...

(1984 to be exact), I was a thirteen year old who fell in love with the Macintosh. Always an artist at heart, I spent countless hours creating "art" using MacPaint. At the same time, I also began training as a performance artist, and tried to find ways of using the computer as a means of artistic expression.

Then suddenly...

I began working on "Creating Dance with Life Forms" - a project which combined my interests of dance, personal expression, and computer animation. I also moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. Finally, a place where I could combine my passion for Performance/Fine Art with computers.

And finally...

I began working as Production Assistant at Abbe Don Interactive. I am very happy to have found an environment where I can utilize my knowledge of art and technology, while working with talented people who are training me in the world of multimedia and the web.

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