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In the beginning...

Five years ago, during my outprocessing briefing from the Army, I was shown a video about computer animation and virtual reality by a recruiter from a SGI-like company. I was fascinated by the possibilities that arose from the blending of art and technology but, because I didn't want anything to do with the military, decided to pass up the offer. I continued on with my original plan and enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute where I studied both traditional and digital mediums.

Then suddenly...

My friend, Trina told me about a position open at Electric Minds. I checked out their URL to find out more information about the company and was very impressed by the backgrounds of talented people already hard at work here at the office. I immediately emailed my resume and cover letter to Abbe Don I am pushing pixels for your viewing pleasure.

And finally...

The impact that Electric Minds will have on the global community of the present and future thrills me. We're tearing down the walls that separated cultures for centuries. Global brainstorming will change the world for the better and I'm glad I had the chance to help get the electricity flowing!

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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