J. Sterling Hutto

President, Leverage Information Systems, Inc.

In the beginning...

Sterling Hutto grew up in sweet southern Georgia and attended college studying Electrical Engineering and Psychology. After his shocking degree in Electrical Engineering he packed up and drove his pickup to Silicon Valley. Here he worked for serveral CAE/CAD companies before co-founding Vivid Studios, Inc. After leaving Vivid he consulted as a jake of all trades for the just gestated Internet boom before taking an executive position at Electric Classifieds - Match.Com. After helping to create babies, marriges, and national television proposals Sterling once again headed out to other directions.

Then suddenly...

Sterling Hutto is the President of Leverage Information Systems, Inc. - a technology partner for information publishing companies.

And finally...

he plans to grow Leverage, trek India and Nepal, and sail from San Francisco to the South Pacific in the rainy season.

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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