mark petrakis

jam conductor

In the beginning...

there was a puppet, a child thing, the push to animate, the pull to sing. Tried it all. Gave little recitals to the flowers in a Chicago backyard. Where do you learn to laugh? Who comes forward when the psyche is looking for a leader? I followed a few, never trusted fully in anything but the individual/collective imagination. Now, look where it's got me.

Keywords: Theater, Music, Circus, Young Spoonman

Then suddenly...

love hits you like a truck, and you see that school makes us fools by spoofing wisdom where none exists. Sensory evidence leads the parade, and the uncertain follow behind. Gathering strength to say this is what I think and believe, irrespective of the outcome. Always the choice is there, trust in dreams or in the opinion of others. Show business caught my eye. Not the glitter, but the matter, the body, the blood, the bone. The ritual marriage of the puppet and the psyche.

Keywords: Apple, Rheingold, the Well, Kaleida, Living Books, COBRA LOUNGE

And finally...

I cease to be tired, I turn towards celestial bodies and sing the backyard hymns, except now I am the leader and this is the outcome. And the frustrations are against no one. And the joy is no where else either. I give now what I have to all and everything that meets my gaze. There are no bad days, because there is nothing to slow the motion. It is entirely, once and for all decided that I am the father to a past that only the child will live to remember.

Keywords: Collaboration, Listening, Independence, Improvisation, Daughter's Laughter

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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