rebecca eisenberg

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My life can not be organized chronologically. My past and future exist in my expanding present.

Becky, also known as Gwen Elwood is the fun-loving child. Ever curious; never bored. Who loves to meet new people; who gives everyone a chance; who trusts too many people. Gwen is unfalteringly optimistic and never lacking a smile. She is a huge partier, and was known for getting drunk during sixth period in high school before acing a test eighth hour, for waking up without her shoes in strange places during college, then trotting off to her 9 am Calc class, for throwing 70's funk parties at Ivy League Law Schools, and for rollerblading through White House Gardens on the way to work at the United States Courthouse in Washington.

Rebecca is neruotic, perfectionist, and driven. She is not finished until she is finished first. She T.A.ed, tutored, law clerked, published academic articles, led book clubs, studied in 72 hour shifts, and wrote federal judicial decisions as a laywer 90 hours a week until Mars made her quit.

Where in the world is Mars? She may be at home, writing. Listening to NWA (that's Niggaz Wit' Attitude, bra), writing screenplays that she is too scared to sell, renogiating everyone's contracts for free (she is a licensed attorney, after all), capturing video, and dreaming of the book she is going to write or the movie she will make that will Break New Ground and Reveal Untold Truths about the Human Condition. Sometimes, she masquerades as Brooke; bitter and B A D to the (hard) core.

I am all of the above and none of the above. Translate this from 2-dimensional space! Sister Souljah is my favorite Public Enemy. There is a Poetic License on my shelf next to my turntable. I have no idea what I am doing. I am here.

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