paul mainard

atlas accountant

In the beginning...

Paul Mainard was just a humble kid growing up in the East Bay. Like many East Bay kids, he was fond of the local sports teams, (A's, Raiders, Warriors) and dreamed of one day being a drummer for a famous rock n' roll band ("Someday, we'll be bigger thant the Beatles!") while playing shortstop for the Oakland A's. Paul barely made through High School and was working in a local Danville Barbecue Restaurant

Then suddenly...

Paul found his calling.., as an accountant? Yeah, that's it! An accountant.

He's always been good with numbers. Ever since he was kid doing his older brothers and sisters arithmatic by counting plastic cutlery while watching Captain Kangaroo. It all became so clear. Paul graduated from California State Unversity at Hayward and went to wok for Ernst and Young and the Advance Micro Devices. He still wasn't truley fulfilled, being pigeonholed in tasks that weren't very interesting (by generally accepted accounting standards). Then he found a gem of an opportunity at a small British entertainment software publisher called Domark Software. His carrer blossomed as he became the company's Controller and eventually, Vice President of Finance. Word of his abilities spread far and wide. He became engaged to be married to the lovely Laurel Naccarto. Life was going quite well,

And finally...

Paul was introduced to Randy Haykin and Howard Rheingold. They told him, "you can manage our beans for a while. We'll introduce you to some of the most talented and creative people on the Internet. You see strange new worlds and boldly go where no bean counter has gone before. Besides, we need someone to do the books!"

"Okay", said Paul. "As long as I can still play the drums."

Paul just wants to make enough money to open a Billiards and Sports Pub.

The End

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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